About Jane & Jasper

Hello there beautiful Bride-to-Be! I am so happy you have found yourself on our page! Before I get to know you, here is a little bit about myself to get the party started!

As a little kid, I marched to the beat of my own drum. This included but was not limited to, constant dirty knees, Adidas sweatpants (I was impartial to the hunter green ones), dressing up as Derek Jeter for two Halloweens in a row and a picture day where I refused to wear anything but my oversized Bugs Bunny t-shirt and jean shorts. If you would like to see that picture, I always have it ready to go as a reminder to everyone, and myself, that yes, it does get better. I know what you are probably thinking, your poor mother. And yes, I agree, my poor mother, but I am happy to say that I have broadened my horizons a bit. I no longer just wear the hunter green Adidas swishy pants, now, I wear all of the colors. I have grown into the Bugs Bunny shirt and no longer dress up as Derek Jeter for Halloween. So how did this little kid who refused to wear anything that resembled a dress (the closest I ever got was a skort) become obsessed with weddings?

Even when I was busy rolling around on the softball/soccer field, I always had a vision of what my “dream” wedding would look like. Admittedly, it resembled the scene in 101 Dalmatians where Roger and Anita get married, but in my defense, I didn’t have much reference. Hidden beneath the dirt and baseball jerseys was a someone waiting for the moment she could plan that dream wedding. When I got engaged to my now husband and I began wedding planning, I finally felt like I was doing exactly what I had been meant to do. I enjoyed every last second of planning my own wedding. I knew as soon as I could focus my attention on it, I would start my own business where I could help others bring their dream wedding to life. With that, Jane & Jasper was born. I absolutely love everything wedding related and can’t wait to hear more about you and your big day! I am looking forward to working with you and making your dream wedding come true!

Love & Light